from takhisis , myself and a couple of other folks as well

Dearest Universe,

Knock it the fuck off with the scaring of the kitteh owners. Srsly, not even funny, at all, ever.

DIAF you fucking Nazi shithead,


Several folks I know of – via the virtual world and in “Real Life” have had some pretty bad/expensive/heartrending scares just recently.
I myself have had one of my kitties go MIA. He’s been gone just over three weeks. Cannot find him anywhere. 😦 The pounds/clinics/hospitals don’t have him. We haven’t been contacted. He’s just gone.

Xamot, MIA

Also. I walked into the bedroom the other day. Saw my cat on the bed. Called her name. No answer “blat”, no movement. Couldn’t tell she was moving at all. Scuttled over and touched her. She still didn’t move. I petted her head again and she finally woke up. Apparently she had just been deeply asleep.
Now, I don’t know if that is a normal behavior for cats — but it was certainly the first time I had seen anything like that with Macha. Do they start sleeping harder when they get older?

Her Macha-ness demands pettins

22 thoughts on “from takhisis , myself and a couple of other folks as well

  1. My kitty is off-sorts the last few days and has me a little worried. She wouldn’t come out of my room while I had a houseguest and she’s not taking well to the new cat, but she’s slowly getting more responsive and active, not less, so I’m going to take another day to see how she acts, because the only thing that stresses her more than people in her house is leaving her house (seriously, you put her in the carrier and she promptly pees all over herself and begins yowling piteously).

    I hope that you find your kitteh soon!

    Much love,

      1. She seems to be getting better; she’s been walking around a lot more and doesn’t seem to be moving slowly. She was in the litterbox yesterday, which is a good sign (I hadn’t seen her use it in a day or so), and she was lying in the place where the burbly water dish goes (it was foul, so I am giving it its quarterly ‘soak and thorough scrubdown’ treatment) glaring at me to bring back the only water in the house that tastes fresher than the Big Lidded Kitty Dish Mom Gets Mad if You Drink Out Of (how annoyed am I that one of the few things Silkie and Mojo agree on is that drinking from the toilet is awesome? Yeah, about that annoyed). Both of those bode well for water consumption, at least, which was my biggest concern. She has been getting deliberate favoritism (picking her up first when I come home, stopping before I leave to tell her she is the best princesskitty ever, a good fifteen minutes of Shedder Brush, that sort of thing), and it seems to be settling her a little.

        I still keep picking her up and poking her in the tummy to make sure she doesn’t have any swelling or pain from any sort of blockage or anything, and I’m not happy with her minimal food consumption, but so long as she’s drinking and moving around and not in any observable pain, I’m going to let her work through this, I think. She just hates the vet SO MUCH that I’m still balancing ‘finding out something is wrong’ with ‘stressing her all to Jesus and back’ and not stressing Kitty to Jesus is winning. I will still prolly pick up some Feliway, though, and some of her favorite venison cat food (she likes to pretend she caught the deer herself). That should help a lot. I just haven’t been near a pet store and they don’t seem to carry it at Target any more. Bler.

        I am still thinking happygoodcomehome thoughts for Xamot.

        Much love,

      2. ramblin’ ’cause I got so few hours o’sleep

        It does sound like she is getting better. And princesskitty is going to have to be my new favoritest phrase for awhile.

    1. I’ve seen her deep sleep before but this was so deep that she didn’t even stir when I touched her. It was scary — now, I am seeing that that sort of behavior is common so I feel a bit better about it.

  2. Damn, I hope your kitty comes wandering back soon! Put up signs yet?

    Yes, older cats do sleep more and harder than their younger counterparts. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  3. Every once in awhile I’ll catch mine in a deep, deep sleep. I practically throw up my heart whenever I see it. Then they wake up, flip me the bird, and demand food as compensation for their hardship.

    1. Thanks, hon.

      I am feeling less sweet to her this morning. I was dozing in bed, with her next to my ankles. Apparently my foot twitched under the covers.

      (you see where this is going, don’t you?)

      Macha: 1
      Evil Bed Snakes: 0/dead

  4. Honey! I had no idea about Xamot! Shit. *sends out kittycomehomementalcandle*

    And all cats sleep deeply at some point during the day, but older kittens do sleep more. I’ve checked Puddy a number of times for the same thing. :/

  5. My family had a cat go missing for six months when I was in high school, just after we moved. He showed up on the doorstep one evening, whining but healthy, except for a rather impressive case of tapeworm that he’d gotten (we think) from eating rabbit. Cats are more durable than we give them credit for sometimes. That being said, I hope you see him soon.

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