OK, brainiacs: I need help

There is a Japanese movie I saw some years ago that had a scene with a young priest (monk, acolyte?) sitting in a ritual bath singing “The Way, The Way, The Way” (“Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao!”)
I believe he was doing this to get ready to do spiritual battle? Or maybe keep demons or ghosts away?
I also remember a woman demon/ghost/something that shot her tongue out at people as an attack. It was like 20 feet of long,icky tongue. Plus, I believe either her or another demon/etc.etc. had attack hair as well. This was happening in a woods or forest.
Also, I think that this movie was set in Long Ago.

I would LOVE to have this movie for tonight. Please help me recall what it is called.