OK, brainiacs: I need help

There is a Japanese movie I saw some years ago that had a scene with a young priest (monk, acolyte?) sitting in a ritual bath singing “The Way, The Way, The Way” (“Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao! Tao!”)
I believe he was doing this to get ready to do spiritual battle? Or maybe keep demons or ghosts away?
I also remember a woman demon/ghost/something that shot her tongue out at people as an attack. It was like 20 feet of long,icky tongue. Plus, I believe either her or another demon/etc.etc. had attack hair as well. This was happening in a woods or forest.
Also, I think that this movie was set in Long Ago.

I would LOVE to have this movie for tonight. Please help me recall what it is called.

Really, brain? Really?

All I wanted was a brief nap between classes. A little refresh and recharge. But, nooooooooooo. You had to send me fucked up dreams.

The Burger King as twins. One of them dressed in a lavender balloon-suit. The other dressed in a dark purple balloon suit. Being held hostage by Billy the Kid – who in my dream, is being played by an overweight Billy Bob Thornton. They are wandering around with giant pins, wondering who they should “stick it to”. There was tittering.


For your reference, O Gentle Readers:

The Goddamn Burger King

But with an additional 300 pounds on him.

very brief post before re-diving into homework

Saturday evening was fantastic! Except for the part where Drunk Guy in Flannel wouldn’t leave myself (and a couple of other wimmens) alone. On the other hand, it was a great deal of fun to watch m’friends zoom in and rescue me/us from him. Esp. since I think I outweigh the Holls by a good *mumblecoughmumble* pounds.

Maybe it was because I was just so GD cute?