Sunday’s Media Spam – Music

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Rasputina – “Wish You Were Here”

Project Pitchfork – “Timekiller”

Underworld – “Best Mamgu Ever”

Ladytron – “Ghosts”

Apoptygma Berzerk – “Kathy’s Song [vnv nation remix]”

Velvet Acid Christ – “Dial8”

Massive Attack – “Angel”

Kinky – “Más”

Rufus Wainwright – “Hallelujah”

Leæther Strip – “Strap Me Down”

VNV Nation – “Beloved [live]”

Assemblage 23 “Let the Wind Erase Me”

10 thoughts on “Sunday’s Media Spam – Music

      1. There’s a few now. 🙂
        On the outfit we have twice cruised with, next year’s lineup is Covenant, Funker Vogt, Panzer AG and Prognosis, out of Miami and into the Caribbean.
        There’s, who got a movie made about them and almost certainly ripped off the idea from the first group. Shorter and cheaper, but not as big a production either.
        And I’d swear there was a European one as well, but I can’t find info right now.


        Add about $150-200 for your flight, the $70 for tips and the cruise, and you’re looking at about $1500ish/person. Maybe a little less, especially if 4 of us split a cabin, but you need cash for any excursions or stuff you want to bring home, so figure on $1500 as a starting price.

        Sounds like about 30 massages. One a week between now and spring will get you on that cruise. 🙂

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