19 thoughts on “Nimble little minx, isn’t she?

    1. Lordy…

      Those are some damn athletic women.
      And even more impressive? They’re doing all that in friggin’ stripper shoes. 6 inches, at the least for most of that footwear. I can’t even *walk* in those sorts of heels, much less flip around on a piece of rebar.

    1. having worked in one*

      I have *never* wondered that.

      * – as a house mom. I will say that my girls were always well fed, well make-up’d and sober when the got *ON* the stage.

  1. I found myself looking at some of the moves and thinking, “Are these women made of Mighty Putty!??! HOW ARE THEY STICKING TO THE POLE?!?!?!” Color me insanely impressed.

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