Saturday is full of *win

First, 4th ed DnD, run by the Pablonator. Let’s all hear it for gaming! (distant noises of a large, cheering crowd

And (as the Holls said), “Nomming for brains later!”
So, don’t forget: Zombie Ball means we know where they’ve gathered. Grab yer whisky and your cricket bats and follow me!

ETA – corrected the title; should probably have drunk more coffee afore attempting to post.

3 thoughts on “Saturday is full of *win

  1. Tiefling warlock, Feywild of Winter pact.
    Great fun, tons of BOOM! from a distance. My next is probably going to be a Shadar-Kai (spelling?) sword mage. Anything with that many piercings and a pissy attitude makes me a happy, happy girl.

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