I ♥ this weekend SOOOOOOOOO much

Last night, went to Chuy’s for dinner with Mister Man, Puja and XT. Had lovely, lovely grilled chicken quesadillas and frozen margaritas. Got to snorfle about the woman with OMGLOUD laugh in the bar. Srsly, you could feel the sonic vibrations from two booths away. I didn’t say anything – even when her laugh drowned out the waitress’s comments. I was too frightened. I figure her villain name is The Laugher and that she probably got exposed to gamma rays or something a couple of years ago.

Am gaming until 6 PM at L’s house – who is making sesame chicken (w/broccoli), basmati rice, homemade egg rolls and cookies for lunch.
Pablo is running it (4th ed DnD) which is always a faboo time. I get to play my Tiefling Warlock who is, essentially, the artillery for the group. “Tiefling, blow that shit up!” “On it” *curse, KABOOM!* (screaming from NPCs start)

Best Friend Michael is in town and demands that I go dancing.
Who’m I to say “no”? 😀 At any rate, doing the Elysium thing tonight. Before that, we will have some dinner (either at Camino or Chuy’s; waiting on a callback decision) and then hit the Sidebar for a drink. This also means that I will get to see CZ and The Holls. Whoohooos abound!

Sunday, am having brunch with Tam at Mother’s. I see either enchiladas mole or BBQ tofu in my future. Then I have Fishy Visits and chats! Plus, the ‘kins comes home from her Dad’s house.

3 thoughts on “I ♥ this weekend SOOOOOOOOO much

  1. hey i’ll be at elysium too tonight, if you wanna make a new friend, come introduce yourself to the 7ft tall 400 pound guy with bleached hair and red tips.. that will be me, my real name is jon. I’d love to put a face with your online persona 🙂

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