Somebody, somewhere said to themselves, “Yanno what makes me think of college education? Gourds. Yup, nothing says ED-U-MA-CATED like a buncha different gourds. Let’s put together an ad that reflects that viewpoint.

Smithers! Get my Doodle-Art kit and let’s get cracking!”

I think it is the Others category that amuses me the most.

Also, I think the gourds are wrong. The pumpkin should most DEFINITELY be the Masters program icon.

2 thoughts on “*GUFFAW*

  1. The top and bottom ones look like really weird sex toys. THERE I SAID IT. (Also the Master’s one, although you’d have to be preeeeeetty kinky to go *there*.)

    Gods, I need to get laid. *headdesk*

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