9 thoughts on “**ponders**

      1. Edited! Now with more!**

        Ran the numbers and I am NOT going to DFW this weekend.
        Am now PLAN-LESS for Saturday night.


        However, birfday — hmm…that would put in town around 4PM(ish). Our flight is at 9ish, yes? So having to be at the airport around 8 or so. Four hours to visit/have dinner with Mom?

        ** – all edited content has been italicized for easier reading. Thank you for your support.

      2. New! Improved!

        There’s a shitload of possible Saturday plans! I know of 2 birthday parties and GWNN myself.

        Yeah, about that, but we can make it more than that if y’like. Would also want to involve my own mom at some point in there, too.

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