Local Friends List:

I bought some Giovanni Route 66 shampoo/conditioner.
My hair *hates* them. A lot. A really, really lot. This is because (apparently) my hair is on crack.

I hate to throw away perfectly good – albeit slightly used – hair product because my hair is so freaking finicky.

Any of youse wants them, let me know.

this is, of course, first come first serve

8 thoughts on “Local Friends List:

  1. I’ll buy it from you – Giovanni is excellent stuff. I’m really curious as to what happened?
    Specifically I’m curious if you went from a conditioner with -cones to one without. *That* would certainly make your hair crappy for a while since you’d be getting rid of the teflon without replacing it. Given where you shop, it’s almost certainly the case.

    1. Wash and condition your dry hair with lightly moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. Have it look like you’ve dipped it in 40 weight oil. Also, even though it appears greasy – not be able to get a comb through it to save your life.

      Just, bleah.

      1. Me too.

        I tried the “Tough Love” thing. Threw it out of the house; won’t give it any money, etc.
        Just can’t seem to reach through to it. I am thinking that counseling together may be our next step. 😉

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