A Series of Gritches and Realizations

in no real particular order

pay no mind if you don’t wanna see me grouse and itemize

Man. I am SO tired from walking (almost literally) all over downtown today with the almost inlaws. Of course, my knee is *killing* me. I really need to find/get a brace if I am going to put it through those sorts of paces. The grinding noise is also somewhat distressing.

Plus, –yay– dentist tomorrow. TERROR

In the Gotta Get Done Before Next Week series:

I need to finish my cards and get them mailed.
Oh! And I need to bake the cookies & get them delivered as well.
Gotta finish and wrap the last of the holiday shopping.

Have to get the clothing sorting done.

I’d like to see some of you guys before I leave

Also? I just found out that The Girl DID have homework this weekend. Which she cannot find.
Must setup a parent/teacher conference to get started on a new sort of organization before next semester. What we have going on is not completely working. I KNOW she is as tired of being grounded as I am of grounding her.

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