I give up

I took the Vicodin. Apparently, Advil is NOT enough to keep the pain in check.

I feel a bit funky

The End Result of the Terror that Flaps by Night*
2 old crowns removed
1 tooth half sawn down and plastered over — too far gone to get new crown on. Apparently the cavity reached into the bone. :<
Other tooth, root canal'd and a temp crown put on.
Then they ran out of time, so the rest of the planned stuff didn't happen.

* – dentist stuff

8 thoughts on “I give up

  1. Yeeikes. That’s a lotta work going on all at once within the same mouth. I have a crown coming up in feb (my third… ugh!) but they’ve gone smoothly so far (*knocks on wood*)

  2. šŸ˜¦ I get my first crown put on tomorrow. The root canal part wasn’t as gawd-awful-hideous as I’d been led to believe it would be. Not fun, but sort of interesting.

    Who is your dentist? I don’t think mine does sedation dentistry, and I think M would take the route you’re going over multiple non-sedated visits (what I’m doing).

    1. Doctor Larry Lindsay of Balcones Dental. I like him a lot. He is very gentle and up front. And his office staff are superb.

      I will think happy thoughts for you tomorrow. *hug*

      1. Thanks! I’ll check and see if he’s on our dental plan.

        And thanks for the happy thoughts. I’m more worried about being bored senseless for 3 hours than any discomfort. heh

      2. Yeah, that’s a thought. There are TVs over the chairs, but they aren’t particularly useful, as the dentist’s head seems to spend most of the time eclipsing them.

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