things what are on my mind today – in no particular order

a.) That was an awesome birthday party, austingoddess! And there is more awesome to follow as we are heading into the wilds of Elysium tonight for 80’s dancing goodness!

ii.) Why is it that my cat MUST sleep on the trash bag that is actually intended to catch holiday wrapping detritus?

3.) My car started! Praise all the Critters What Be!

d.) Did I mention the awesome party? with the athene-made cake (or death!) goodness? Please tell me somebody got a picture of it? That may not be the case as we NOMMED pretty quickly.

Also, there were prezzies! to the Prezzies! I keep huffing my new soap for lo, it smells FAB!

Now, if someone could just get me a Hugh Laurie/David Tennant sandwich with me in the middle – my life could be mostly complete*

“complete” in this context means for those few (no more than four….possibly five) hours needed for the aforementioned sandwich; then life would return to its “normal”** run.

** – “We have normality, I repeat we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.”

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