Home (albeit briefly)…

I am supposed to leave this afternoon to go back to DFW for some YuleMass time with Mom n Molls.

of course
the car won’t start
it is raining cats and dogs (and some sleet and water, too)
weather conditions along the I-35 corridor are also expected to be colder by 5-8 degrees, which means ice
there is a winter weather advisory in effect for DFW

Also, I overslept. I am not too too chagrined by this as I was fairly exhausted when I rolled in at 1-something this morning. I didn’t get to actual sleep until 2-something. OTOH, Mister Man had arranged it so that I had still-warm-from-the-dryer flannel sheets and snuggly blankets on the bed for when I crawled out of the shower. That man surely knows how to pamper a girl. 🙂

The Man is in partial favor of me staying in Austin for the nonce – letting him fill the Pathfinder* with pushmoline – so that I can take it to DFW with me tomorrow. I must admit after the travel scramble of yesterday (not bad, just long) I find the idea more than a little appealing.


The Girl got dropped off this morning by her Dad at not-quite seven. Which is far and away better than the “just after six” that had been prophesied. She murmured love at me then staggered upstairs to go back to bed. So did I, for that matter. She is still snoozing, so I am just gonna drink some more coffee, keep an eye on the weather and stretch luxuriously in my office chair. There may be kittie scritchens in there somewhere, as well.


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