Portland Store Recommendation!!

I wanted to take a moment while I am thinking about it and do a recommendation for a boutique that austingoddess and I stopped in while in Portland.

Savvy Plus is located in the historic Hawthorne district where there are lots of little stores and businesses.

We almost walked by it — but there was the most amazing black and magenta corset hanging in the window. We walked in and all I can say is “WOW!”

First off, the store smells nice. You know how places like Goodwill or Blue Hangar can sometimes smell musty? This place is like walking into your super-tidy Aunt’s house. Furniture polish and lemon verbena.

Second, the clothing is arranged in a way that makes sense. Styles grouped into sizes; with the art pieces in a section all their own. There is also large, comfy dressing rooms with plenty of space to turn around.

The owner was on hand – and she was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She pulled down dresses for us to try on, and made some excellent suggestions. The styles run from trendy to kitchsy; industrial goth to soccer mom. And every bit of it at more than fair prices. I walked out with two very nice sweaters, two pairs of jeans, some jewelry, and a shirt. I paid far less than I would have if I had gotten it at a $GiantEconoStore and the quality was far superior. Plus, buying local = SQUEE!

If you guys are in Portland – visiting or living there – I highly recommend giving this place a look.

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