moving furniture (The Girl’s big wooden desk)
– shoes
= disaster*

On the plus side, I am pretty sure my foot really isn’t broken.
On the minus side, OW

Desk of DOOM

* how do YOU spell disaster?

Maneuvering The Girl’s desk into my office the better to watch her do homework, my dear when suddenly! the damn thing rotates into whole, new non-Euclidean directions and whams across the bridge of my bare foot.

Fucking OW.

3 thoughts on “I am a SUUUUUUUUPER Genius

  1. Over on FB I got the impression you had dropped it on your daughter’s foot. This is….better? Hope you’re okay. I’ll just tell you what the doctor told me when I broke my toe: “Hey, don’t break that again.”

    1. Oh, no. If I had dropped it on her foot, there would be an update when we got back from having it X-rayed.

      Heh, I will keep your doctor’s advice in mind 😀

      1. Well, strictly speaking, pain is your body’s way of telling you to stop doing something or to not do it again, so the doctor was on the right track with that. Of course, doctors never take into account the sheer maliciousness of furniture. My kitchen cabinet doors, for example, take great pleasure in interposing themselves between the top of my head and empty space. You can tell by the insouciant and cheeky manner at which they hang. They’re right proper bastards.

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