Spring Semester 2010


Spanish I
Medical Terminology


Human Sexuality
Chemistry Lecture
Chemistry Lab


Spanish I


Human Sexuality
Chemistry Lecture


Spanish I

– – 14 hours this semester – –

Plus, I am now officially training to be a part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. 60 miles in 3 days = lots of endurance training in my future. As soon as I can manage it, I will be (trying!) to attend the Body Positive Dance classes.

I have been to my first of the Human Sexuality classes. The teacher seems very excited about his topic. Which is fabulous. There is nothing worse than a teacher who phones in his lectures.
PLUS! We get to go on a field trip. I am *totally* bringing my Betty Boop lunchbox. 🙂 Seriously – we are going get to visit the Labor/Delivery department of a local hospital. Talk to the nurses, see what’s what. I am very much exited by this prospect because that is one of the areas that I am interested in working. So, I will see what a real L/D nurse goes through on a given morning.

Also? I am supposed to keep a journal for the class. I think I can manage that.

In unrelated news, I have now popped every one of the stitches in my mouth. The pain is making my right eyeball twitch.

6 thoughts on “Spring Semester 2010

    1. Unless the journal counts. Which – as we know – I have NO problem detailing the strangeness (recall the wintergreen Certs incident?) of my love life. 😀

      Oh, gosh me too. I am tired of being sore and achey and unable to enjoy chips n salsa.

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