Spanish I

First class was today. The teacher is …*perky*.
Also, very nice and knowledgeable. If I can get past the perky, I think she may well be able to teach me something in spite of my horrible ear for language.

Also, Wednesday class day rules — only one class, over by noon. HUT!

in News of the Stupid

I have somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back by *sleeping*.
I don’t mind pulling muscles. I just wanna have more fun doing it. :/

9 thoughts on “Spanish I

      1. Ha, well, I mean, I learned central american spanish when I learned it, but since I live in Madrid now I switched over to Castillian. But I will answer anything if I can?

        Also, the city of gold, yeah, it’s right over there *points*

  1. Si necesitas ayuda con tu clase o quieres practicar, me encanta que ayudete. Estudie espanol en el colegio y la universidad y fui una interpredora y traductora en varios trabajos pasados. 🙂

    1. Babel Fish says:

      If you need aid with your class or you want to practice, ayudete enchants to me that. It studies Spanish in the school and the university and was a interpredora and translator in several past works.

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