In DFW, about to head off to bed. Have the meeting with the nice Susan G. Komen ladies tomorrow. Then, a mad dash home for Girl clothing and pie!

Er, no. Not pie.

Birthday cake (or something VERY like it) for a Sock Hop happening later that evening.

I am a bit on the frazzled side as the drive up here was fraught with stupid. Then Mom and I went – pretty much immediately – for giant, carb-o dinner (new Italian place in downtown GP). NOM, tortellinis and alfredo sauce. The people in the penisTrux tomorrow all get to live ’cause I had tortellinis. Cheese and cream and garlic make almost anything better.
Mom and I went shopping, had a nice chat and came home.


I think I am taking me to bed. I’ll chat with you folks later. ❤ and all that jazz.


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