*shakes dust offa positive outlook*

Just recently, my journal has been like a doomsayer’s wet dream. And while these things *are* going on and I *am* having Shit To Deal With, it is NOT the entirety of my life. Generally speaking, I am a stoopidly happy person. I have an amazing amount of Good in my life. To wit:

– Sweeties who I adore who (for reasons unknown) adore me completely in return

– An //amazing// Girl. She is fast growing into an unstoppable force for world domination

– A Keurig coffee maker. No waiting for hot, fresh, GOOD coffee. Many lives have been saved by this machine, I am quite sure of it

– A couple of the sweetest kitties on earth, who deserve all the good things and fishpaste in the world

– A plethora* of friends of the really smart, motivated to get out there and do things and make the world a better place type

– Teeny little tomato plants growing in my windowsill. Soon, they will be producing red globes of deliciousness. Moohahahaha! *strokes a convenient white fluffy kitty*

– VNV Nation tickets. (!!!!)

– A body that is in pretty goddamn good shape in spite of the *years* of abuse I have put it through

– The weather is simply stunning, today

– Family that drives me completely and totally batshit. Who I adore and cannot imagine my life without

– Plans for the future that include my doing/working in a field where I will be happy AND challenged**

– Primary sweetie-type who not only wants me to go forth and school myself into something I want but actively supports it

– Plans for a cruise with the tragically pale in September

– With my BFF. We have been thick as thieves for going on fifteen years now. She is made of awesome and is one of the (very) few people that I utterly trust

– Housemate(s) who get my semi-OCD idiosyncrasies regarding sponges, kitchen counters and food storage

– Who also grok my growing concerns re: non-locally grown food and are willing to crunch budget numbers to work it out

– Plans to buy a house in the upcoming months

– An (adopted) brother – who, while he lives far away – is always there to lend an ear

– Grokking chemistry***

– The Back Yard/Porch. Spring is coming and there is nothing finer than sitting out with a group of friends, solving the world’s problems and having a beer

– Finally being brave enough to wear the fashions, makeup and hair *I* love and not feel like I have to chameleon to be safe

– Gorgeous artwork on my walls and plans to buy more from Sweetie What is an Artist****

– Hundreds of books. Plus, an entire sackful (must be at least fifteen in there) that I haven’t read yet

– Lastly, I seem to be finally getting over this flu/cold/whatev that attacked me. OTOneH, ew – sick. OTOH, I am now completely colonized with whatever this was and won’t get it again. So, yay

So, yeah. I think these little reminders are a good thing. I have many fine, fine things in my life. It’s good to step back from the hurtful things and look at the big picture and grasp the good too.

* – “Do j00 knooooooow what a plethora ees?” I can’t help it. I can’t say the damn word without the entire scene popping into my head. This happens for a LOT of movies. It’s a curse.

** – There are few things worse or more mischievous than a bored Bon. Just sayin’.

*** – Fucking finally.

**** – and if you haven’t seen her work, I strongly recommend you do so. She is – put simply – astonishing. Her use of color and line is amazing. It’s like she is able to take thought and emotion into the organic world.

Well, damn

My dog-in-law passed away from cancer.

February, you are fired. Don’t bother clearing your desk. We will ship your shit to you, you backstabbing cunt.

My heart goes out to my bro and his wife. They’d had Sammydog for twelve years*. He was a Fine Sir and a wagging good boy.

His obit would look like this:

Golden Retriever
12 years old
Rescuer of babbums from Teh Terrible Water Pool
Fierce guardian of All Things Snacky
Miniature pony for wee tots
Foot Warmer Extraordinaire
Winner of the Soulful “but they’re starving me” Eyes Award, 8 years running
All around Fine Sir and Good Boy

* – and yeah, I realize that 12 years is old for a big dog. Still bites.