Macha-Butt Strikes Again

Dearest Funk Even Now Wafting from Kitty Box,

Jesus Krispies, did you go to Cleveland before squirting out of my cat’s ass? The sulfur content of the stench is causing Thing2 to stagger around, wondering how he suddenly wound up on Venus.
I’d light you on fire but I am pretty sure the house would explode.


9 thoughts on “Macha-Butt Strikes Again

  1. I had to change kitteh’s food early last year to do something about the sh!tbombs being laid in the box. They were positively nuclear. And were often deposited roundabout 3am (catbox lives in the bedroom’s bathroom, oy!).

    1. She has always been spectacularly odoriferous in that department. But with the new wet food diet….


      And yeah, their box is in the upstairs bathroom. Right at the head of the stairs. There really is NO way to get away from it. The vapors fill the entire house.

      1. How old is kitteh? If she’s older, 9 Lives might be upsetting her tummy: most stuff at the grocery store started bothering mine some years ago (they’re 13 & 15 now). They eat Innova now: kind of pricey, but much higher in nutritive density. I was able to put them back on dry food after a while, too (same brand), with no puking! šŸ™‚

      2. She is 15+. He is 8.

        I am about to take them both into the vet for annual Thing1 and Thing2 checkups. Additionally, her for the old-lady stem to stern; him, for this dry hacking thing he has going on.

        There was another recommendation for another nutrient dense kitty food from . I will do a compare and contrast.
        I can always add fish oil or Vitamin E* to her kibble, if need be.

        * – her arthritis is in her spine and hips. Cold = SUCK for her poor old bones.

      3. The poor thing has had it for a number of years. She’s pretty spry for a white guy an older kitty but days that are damp and cold just eat her lunch.
        Right now, she is curled around the downstairs space heater. I’m afraid she is going to catch fire.

      4. Hee! I used to have a cat who would sleep in the 6″ space between the back of a large gas space heater and the wall. She never did burst into flames though I worried she might sometimes!

      5. I’ve got a bag of senior cat food you’re welcome to snag for a few bucks.
        If you plan to go to Cat Hospital of Austin, you can sign up for coupons they send out once a quarter.

  2. Oh so your do it to? Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a furry child capable of dropping tactical nuclear poo bombs. Worse yet, because we have some territory issues between the two boys, said dropper of bombage now refuses to cover them. *joy*

    My sympathies luv. Srsly.

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