*shakes dust offa positive outlook*

Just recently, my journal has been like a doomsayer’s wet dream. And while these things *are* going on and I *am* having Shit To Deal With, it is NOT the entirety of my life. Generally speaking, I am a stoopidly happy person. I have an amazing amount of Good in my life. To wit:

– Sweeties who I adore who (for reasons unknown) adore me completely in return

– An //amazing// Girl. She is fast growing into an unstoppable force for world domination

– A Keurig coffee maker. No waiting for hot, fresh, GOOD coffee. Many lives have been saved by this machine, I am quite sure of it

– A couple of the sweetest kitties on earth, who deserve all the good things and fishpaste in the world

– A plethora* of friends of the really smart, motivated to get out there and do things and make the world a better place type

– Teeny little tomato plants growing in my windowsill. Soon, they will be producing red globes of deliciousness. Moohahahaha! *strokes a convenient white fluffy kitty*

– VNV Nation tickets. (!!!!)

– A body that is in pretty goddamn good shape in spite of the *years* of abuse I have put it through

– The weather is simply stunning, today

– Family that drives me completely and totally batshit. Who I adore and cannot imagine my life without

– Plans for the future that include my doing/working in a field where I will be happy AND challenged**

– Primary sweetie-type who not only wants me to go forth and school myself into something I want but actively supports it

– Plans for a cruise with the tragically pale in September

– With my BFF. We have been thick as thieves for going on fifteen years now. She is made of awesome and is one of the (very) few people that I utterly trust

– Housemate(s) who get my semi-OCD idiosyncrasies regarding sponges, kitchen counters and food storage

– Who also grok my growing concerns re: non-locally grown food and are willing to crunch budget numbers to work it out

– Plans to buy a house in the upcoming months

– An (adopted) brother – who, while he lives far away – is always there to lend an ear

– Grokking chemistry***

– The Back Yard/Porch. Spring is coming and there is nothing finer than sitting out with a group of friends, solving the world’s problems and having a beer

– Finally being brave enough to wear the fashions, makeup and hair *I* love and not feel like I have to chameleon to be safe

– Gorgeous artwork on my walls and plans to buy more from Sweetie What is an Artist****

– Hundreds of books. Plus, an entire sackful (must be at least fifteen in there) that I haven’t read yet

– Lastly, I seem to be finally getting over this flu/cold/whatev that attacked me. OTOneH, ew – sick. OTOH, I am now completely colonized with whatever this was and won’t get it again. So, yay

So, yeah. I think these little reminders are a good thing. I have many fine, fine things in my life. It’s good to step back from the hurtful things and look at the big picture and grasp the good too.

* – “Do j00 knooooooow what a plethora ees?” I can’t help it. I can’t say the damn word without the entire scene popping into my head. This happens for a LOT of movies. It’s a curse.

** – There are few things worse or more mischievous than a bored Bon. Just sayin’.

*** – Fucking finally.

**** – and if you haven’t seen her work, I strongly recommend you do so. She is – put simply – astonishing. Her use of color and line is amazing. It’s like she is able to take thought and emotion into the organic world.

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