Are you pondering what I am?

As I have mentioned, I am participating in the SKG 3-Day Walk for the Cure in November 2010.

The BFF and I have put our brains together – always a dangerous proposition! – and come up with a slew of fundraising activities. Some of them could potentially raise a great deal of dollars for the cause.

Currently, we have planned:

Bake Sale (Completed! $180 raised!>
Garage Sale
Clothing Sale
Car Wash

The Bake Sale is scheduled for the 19th of March.
The Garage Sale is currently scheduled for the 24th of April.
The Clothing Sale is currently scheduled for the 15th of May.
The Car Wash is currently scheduled for the 12th of June.

The Bake Sale was such a success that I am going to have another one sometime soon. Also in the works are a Spaghetti Dinner and a Pink Boot Drive.

Now, I have been saying/planning on doing this walk on some other person’s team. Figured I would just join a team that is already going to be out there and sign up. Or, just walk alone. But….


If we can raise enough, it is possible that we could sponsor a second Walker. And that would be made of *awesome*.

So…here is my shout-out to those of you in our communities that wish to participate, join or donate. Do you want to help end breast cancer? Do you want to donate your time, your dollars, your energy to this cause? Are you interested in joining me in our own Austin-team? It will take time, effort, energy, dollars. I think we could make a huge difference. Austin is a place of caring; of holding out our hand and helping.

Email me (, drop me a note here, contact me at my SKG page, call me, text me, reach out, help.

I could quote facts and figures at you but, the bottom line is that breast cancer kills. But we get closer to a cure every day. And everything you do helps. Let’s work together to end this awful disease.

6 thoughts on “Are you pondering what I am?

  1. As I said, if we get enough to sponsor a 2nd walker, I’d be happy to do it. 🙂 If we get enough for more, go us! And I think the clothing sale could do it. *hopehopehope*

    Yay for bake sale success! I totally vote for s’getti sale.

    Garage sale? If I know that’s coming, I could ask for stuff donations as well as clothing. Unless you’re primarily looking to clean house. 🙂 However, the 24th is not only Eeyore’s, it’s also PBF weekend. Meaning one way or the other, practically none of our peeps would be available.:(

    1. The clothing sale does look like it will be very good to the cause, yes it does. *hopes some more*

      Hm, good point on the date. I will take another look at the Calender (of dooom!) and see what else is available time-wise.

      Garage Sale

      I am going to Mom’s in a month and helping her clear out her garage. I can do one of two things:

      a. Take all the things she donates back to Austin and have a ginormous garage sale here, or

      b. Have a garage sale there and one here with locally donated items (along with mine own, calloo, callay!)

      1. Sounds like, since you’re going to be there anyway, it might be easier to sell what you can up there and bring the rest back for another date. You may want to consider moving your sale here to 2 weeks later, the day before Mother’s Day – goes with the boobie theme. 🙂
        If you’re definitely going to do a stuff sale, I’ll get that word out, too.

    2. Ooh – s’getti sale. We could set up folding tables and chairs in your front lawn and get more people in. 🙂 Veggie, meat and alfredo, GF available, $5/plate. You and I have both cooked s’getti for hordes! We could totally do this. We have lots of friends with lots of tables.

      In fact, the same tables you could use for the garage sale.

      Oh, we just need to get together and brainstorm. I could do this all day. 🙂

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