Thing what are made of Awesome and Dude, WTF?


The Girl (a few days ago) describing a new baby delivering method prompted by my comments that it seemed to be “raining babies”. She said that we would have to put out mattresses and be ready with baskets to catch them when they bounced off the mattress.
“waaaaaaaaaaah BOING! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

It is totally and absolutely gorgeous outside today.

Woke up to Mister Man curled around me and a kitteh on my feet, purring.

Things proceed apace. /sooper sekrit stuff

Cheese omelets. *nommety nom nom*

Steve the Lawn Mower Guy. Can’t. Stop. Giggling.

One of my long-term projects for Human Sexuality was/is a journal. I asked if I could use my online blog. “Sure!” he said, with nary a trace of the way. Heh heh heh. I’m at 40 pages and counting (and about halfway through). It’s gonna be a book. 🙂

Birds chirping, squirrels chattering and lawnmowers going on outside. There may as well be a huge Disney-esque musical number about how Spring Hath Arrived.

Brewed coffee at a moment’s notice. Thank you Keurig gods.

Random racy texts from Best Beloved.


Dude, WTF?

The snot-cement currently filling my head and sinuses. I *like* oxygen. I *like* breathing normally. /plaintive

My house, she is a slight disaster.

My cat is black. My front entry mat is black. The stairs end at the front entry. If cat is on mat, black on black,…well, bitch don’t be surprised if you get stepped on if you decide that obfuscating is fun.

OMG, what in the hell did I just hork up? *glares at Universe* I am NOT a cat. I shouldn’t need hairball meds! *grumbles*

I should never, ever walk into the Girl’s room unprepared. There was a shocked silence and a Look. Followed by her scrambling to hide the cups, plates and bowls that She. Isn’t. Supposed. To. HAVE IN HER ROOM!!!

There is an Evil Clown service you can hire to scare the crap out of your kid.

MS Word can also drop into an Elder God’s craw and I wouldn’t be sad. Nopenopenope.

Oh, FUCK YOU Microsoft. Thank goodness I know to back up my work every so often.

Yes. I make these rules about cleanliness and not eating in the bedroom for no reason other than to make you have to clean on a pretty day. It’s vewwy sad. Also? If you are reading instead of cleaning, then yes. It WILL take longer.

The shower curtain rod has decided that it no longer wishes to stay put while I take a shower. I refrained from setting it ablaze only by an act of supreme will.

6 thoughts on “Thing what are made of Awesome and Dude, WTF?

  1. OpenOffice. It’s free, it doesn’t eat as much memory as MS Office, it’s compatible with Office, and it will make you much happier. It does lack an MS Publisher equivalent (or the version I have does; that may have changed), but that’s a small price to pay, unless you make documents for publication on a regular basis (in which case, you’d probably be better off with something more robust than Publisher).

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