Communication Flubs – I had them yesterday

Dearest BFF — please to text me sometime today. Chattering needs to happen.


Walking in the garage sans shoes = bad idea. I have something embedded in my foot and I don’t know what it is, other than it is owwy.


We have to stage the house* for potential renters to come in and see if they want it. Yanno – so we won’t have to pay the dollars for rent during time we aren’t actually here.

I found out about the staging yesterday during Communication Flub With Mister Man. We need to have this done by day before yesterday, apparently. **

Which means that we have to get everything non-essential out of the house. Therefore, boxes and packing are a priority for me. I will be doing aught else for the next little bit (like you do when moving).

Additionally, if you have any of our tubs/lids for same — can we haz them back, please? I know Mister Man has said something. I’m just adding my $0.02 to the mix.

* speaking of which — The House with The PORCH is up for rental. It is way reasonable rent, beautiful house, beautiful backyard/porch, centrally located. *wavy desire hands* You know you want it.

** – soon as possible