That’s not the end of the tunnel….

…it’s a train, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

I am in the last two weeks of school for this semester. Life is crazy, as it always gets around this time of school. Tests and projects and homework, oh my.
Then, I will have off two weeks from SCHOOL. The rest of life will continue to occur at its usual frenetic pace. Training, packing, charity events and getting ready for same.
I guess the spice must flow or some shit.


Today is going to be a round of interesting. Is it rude that I am taking my Spanish homework with me to The Girl’s playdate with her friend?
I figure it would be rude to show up with my laundry in tow — I have that much couth, it seems. But, I have to finish my half of the project before tomorrow and this is really my only time to do so.

— side note — NEVER hit AUTOMIX instead of play when you have the perfect musical score already queued up. Especially if you hadn’t saved said perfect musical mix.
Ah, well. Brand new music to listen to. We shall see if we likes it, precious.

And these cramps could stop, O, anytime nau kthxplz? and I would be

…WTF am I listening to? It sounds like bad techno music for a futuristic porno movie. *clicks NEXT*
CRIMINY, now it’s futuristic GAY porno movie music. TOO MUCH AUTO-TUNE!
*kills it with fire*

Ah, better. No music is better than crappy music. But apparently the gay porno music of the future speaks to Zhu Zhu Hamsters because now they won’t stop chittering.
My head, she is going to asplode, I tell you. D’ya think The Girl would mind if I “accidentally” set them of fire? Yes? No? Yes?
Yeah, I kind of thought so too.
But, still. They chitter to each other. High, squeaky little voices.

Crikey is it already noon? YIPES! Gotta jam, my darlings. If you need me – give us a text (or IM or whatever). Just don’t be surprised if I answer slowly. I will be conjugating Spanish verbs into actual sentences that (in theory) make sense.

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