I dunno about you kids but sometime a phrase* pops into my head and I cannot get rid of the sucker for love or money. I can be a good phrase, wittily turned or it can suck syphilitic goat, but in my brainmeats it stays for hours, sometimes days.

I was making my fourth cuppa coffee and gazing out my kitchen window while it gurgled happily to itself when THIS little gem popped into my head.**

“she goes through coffee like a 12 year, one chip AA warrior”

There. I have written you down. Begone.

*- (or word, but usually a whole phrase)
** – am hoping that writing it down will make it *GO AWAY* as it is far and away too bad Daschiel Hammet for my taste.

6 thoughts on “

    1. Took a friend to an AA meeting about 10 years ago. There were probably only about 20-25 people in the room. There were 4 giant URNS of coffee, with setup at the back of the room.

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