~~~Sarcasm Begins~~~

Oh, hey no. It’s OK. I understand that you have better things to do than to practice the Spanish presentation that is due this coming Wednesday. I mean, it isn’t like this is the first time you have blown off a work day to do – something else – instead of getting our work together. I’ve written my parts – and I got yours…um, yesterday.
So, yeah. Even though this is supposed to flow naturally
and even though we have not ever practiced this together to see how it sounds
I’m sure that it will all turn out fine.


~~~Sarcasm Ends~~~

7 thoughts on “~~~Sarcasm Begins~~~

  1. This is why, in the real world, you have to have a project manager who has the authority to set schedules and mete out consequences if necessary.

    The whole college, do a group project and get exeperience, really doesn’t prepare you for that.

    Now, if *I* were the teacher, and assigning a group project, I’d let the group decide on the manager. The manager would get whatever the total grade was, but they’d ALSO have the ability to Add or Subtract from the grade of the individual members.

    So, if I was the manager for the project, and the prof gave it a B, I’d get a B. However if Sally busted her ass, and Johnny slacked, as the manager, I could take away a letter grade from Johnny (giving him a C), and give it to Sally (giving her an A).

    That is much more the way the real world works. Managers and their groups are judged on the overall success of the project, but have the power to reward or punish individual members.

    Of course, I’d also make them do interviews of their classmates…….

    1. I know; I’ve been in the private sector. And, I agree — the way it works (or is supposed to work ~caveat~) is whole bunches better than the “work together kiddies” mentality of college.

      I am just super frustrated with this kid. I guess because *he* is making an “A” already in the class, he apparently feels that he has the bandwidth to blow off this presentation.
      It just irritates me.

    1. Yeah, I hear you. I agree.

      Mister Man had a group project for his Nursing Science I class — a medical poster presentation, right? He put in hours and hours of work.
      And two days before the thing is due, he gets 5 (count ’em, FIVE) slides from the chippie who he is working with.

      You know Dodger — usually nothing ever phases him. Except this time. Wowsers, I didn’t even know the man *could* yell.

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