Yowza, boss.

I was dreaming of shaving my legs this morning when a lightning bolt of deargodi’msorrywhatdididotodeservethis pain shot up my leg. For a moment, I was confused – still dreaming – but my body woke me up very quickly.

BRAIN: You should get up.
ME: *mumble* it’s seven thirty. Piss off.
RIGHT LEG: Naw, we got this Brain ole buddy. Point her big toe some more towards her knee, there willya tendons? I’ll grab that pinkie and see if I can’t make it touch her sole.
RIGHT HIP: Hey! Can we get in on this? See what I can do with that forward hip flexor!

Creamy Cthulhu on crispy crackers. Mental note, self. More stretching before bed. Plus a banana and a giant glass of water. Anything. Just No More of that waking up to a cramp, please.

10 thoughts on “Yowza, boss.

    1. Good point

      What with the WLS that I had some years ago, I don’t absorb minerals/vitamins as I should. And things like potassium, magnesium and calcium are some of the worst offenders in the “just passing through, don’t mind us” category.

      1. Re: Hippie Hollow, most likely

        Time : more or less depends on when Mister Man a. wakes up and b. decides to go

        Austin : we can, 🙂

        Plans: wanna go swimmin’?

      2. Re: Hippie Hollow, most likely

        This afternoon sometime. It more or less depends on what time Mister Man gets up. Want us to ping you when we are headed out?

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