*whistle blows*

Brief break for lunch. While I am nomming, I’ll share my HouseCleaning Playlist, vs 1.8

Circling Overland – VNV Nation
Black Hole – Funker Vogt
Alpha Omega – Project Pitchfork
Split Second Feeling – Cabaret Voltaire
Serenity – Delerium
That’s Life – Paul van Dyk
Club Bizarre – Brooklyn Bounce
Dead Enough for Life [LP version] – Icon of Coil
Crash – Fiction 8
Churist Churist – :wumpscut:
Pretty in Pink [original version] – Psychadelic Furs
white rabbit – Collide
Bring Me The Head of the Preacher Man – Siouxsie & The Banshees
Revelry [lp version] – Mentallo & The Fixer
Starlight [album version] – Fictional

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