Conversations With Mister Man

ME: *is nomming softly on his forehead to wake MM up*
MM: *sleepily* Why are you nomming on my head?
ME: Tasty brains!
MM: If you eat all my tasty brains, I will forget everything! It will be, CHOMP! Forgotten how to drive! CHOMP! Forgotten our first date!
ME: *sad panda face*

Words: Feel the Power

Maybe it is because I am getting older. But, I am finding that impolite people makes my left eye twitch. And then I long to snatch up a large, automatic weapon.

Fortunately, I am (mostly) sane and restrain myself. So, all I get is some sneering about the eye twitch.

Used to be, if you walked through someone’s field of view, or crowded them as you passed, you’d say, “Pardon me”.
If someone gave you something, you said “Thank you” to which they replied, “You are welcome!”. If someone held the door open for you, you would smile and say, “Thanks!”

You wave at someone when they let you ahead of them on the highway. You don’t speed up and ride the bumper of the guy in front of you to keep them from gaining one car length ahead of you.

What the heck is wrong with being polite? Why do most folks associate being strong or edgy or whatever with being rude dipshits?

I does not grok.