~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert ~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert ~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert

My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.
It is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives. *

In short… I have a seed for a Classic Marvel Superheroes game. It is (loosely) based on my previous “Aztecs from Hell” campaign. 🙂 The original participants of said campaign are more than welcome to come back for even more mayhem. I am also extending an invitation for other players, if ‘n ya’ll wanna join in the fun.

I want to run the game at my place on July 10th, from 11 AM until 7 PM. Then, I am going to eat dinner, get dressed and head into “The City” (/eddie izzard voice) for dancety fun. Again, anyone who wants to join in the mayhem is more than welcome.

* – Thanks to Blazing Saddles for the quotes. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

21 thoughts on “~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert ~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert ~Gamer Alert ~ Dancer Alert

  1. Hah!

    1) I just introduced my teenagers to “Blazing Saddles” a couple of weeks ago. Ah, the classics…

    2) Today’s comic is quite gaming-related, just on pure coincidence…

  2. I would definitely be up for the dancety fun.

    Not that the Marvel game does not sound fun. But I have never gamed before. And I have rehearsal. Such is life. 🙂

      1. Truuuust in meeeeeeeee…..Juuuuuuuuust in meeeeeeeee.

        Deeply amused that the same guy who did Winnie The Pooh’s voice did Kaa’s voice, as well.

  3. I really want to show up for the gaming! I’ll see if I can make it. No dancety for me, it giveth me the crazy murderous twitch which shall not be endured.

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