What’s Left of the Meme

2. “I believe there was a book that claimed the world was created in seven days. Best-seller too!”

3. “Does everybody know right now exactly where you are?”

8. “Though circumstance has knocked you down, there is nothing gained by staying within it’s reach”

9. “Yes, my wife. She’s waiting at the entrance of the barracks. She comes there every day. But they won’t let her in. Now she’s trying to peep between the bars. She doesn’t yet know I’m absent, but she suspects it…Those big tragic eyes of hers-with that martyred look they always had. Oh, how she got on my nerves.”

15. “Relax, it’s just a corpse. Jump at every little thing down here and you’ll wear yourself out.”
Balthier; Final Fantasy XII (video game)

2 thoughts on “What’s Left of the Meme

  1. Oh! Number 15 is by Balthier, from Final Fantasy XII, in the Nalbina Dungeon! Can’t believe I missed that one last post, considering I’ve been playing the game all week.

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