Words: Feel the Power

Maybe it is because I am getting older. But, I am finding that impolite people makes my left eye twitch. And then I long to snatch up a large, automatic weapon.

Fortunately, I am (mostly) sane and restrain myself. So, all I get is some sneering about the eye twitch.

Used to be, if you walked through someone’s field of view, or crowded them as you passed, you’d say, “Pardon me”.
If someone gave you something, you said “Thank you” to which they replied, “You are welcome!”. If someone held the door open for you, you would smile and say, “Thanks!”

You wave at someone when they let you ahead of them on the highway. You don’t speed up and ride the bumper of the guy in front of you to keep them from gaining one car length ahead of you.

What the heck is wrong with being polite? Why do most folks associate being strong or edgy or whatever with being rude dipshits?

I does not grok.

14 thoughts on “Words: Feel the Power

  1. Yeah…I’ve also had those WTF moments as of late, too. Add in guys who jump out the elevator first without letting the gals go first. If the guy is an obvious foreign employee, I cut them slack, because it is probably some screwed up cultural thing with guys first, gals, second.

  2. I don’t knooow.  Augh.  I was complaining about that the other week, with how for driving, they’ve replaced the two-second rule with the two-feet-no-matter-the-speed rule, and holy fuck that is incredibly unsafe.

  3. The guy rushing is often trying to intimidate you into getting into a different lane, out of his way. Ironically, this fucktard is apparently incapable of moving into that empty lane himself.

    1. I see exactly this five/six times every single day. I’ll be cruising along at a nice, happy 5 over in lane 2 or 3, passing the gotta-do-10-under people in the right lane. Lanes to my left are open. And always, always there has to be a dillhole riding my arse until I get by the rolling roadblock and move right, who then floors it and blasts his horn as he goes.

      Instead of, you know, moving to the left lane. Glub forbid he should have to adjust to his environment rather than the rest of the world bending to his wants.

      1. I think some of these people are trying to draft in other cars’ wakes to “save gas.” I run into it a lot when I’m driving between Dallas and College Station, down I45. Cruising along at 10 over, and some guy pulls up right behind me and hangs, with plenty of room to pass.

      2. Drafting only works when the trailing vehicle is smaller and less than 6″ off the lead’s rear bumper. Not saying that’s not what the dipshits are *trying* to do (and of course, in Dallas, every fucking yokel thinks he’s the reincarnation of a dead NASCAR driver), just saying it doesn’t work.

  4. Personal impoliteness, the face-to-face stuff, is bad enough, but the dangerous driving is way out of hand.
    I can’t comprehend why these people believe it’s alright to be a danger to themselves and others.

  5. I’m thinking about spending my own money to have bumper stickers made that say, “Someone You Like Could Be In This Car: Drive Nice!” I know the thought of potentially being rude to, say, someone from my karate class helped tamp down my own occasional tendency to forget my manners (which I usually only lose when *everyone else* is making me fear for my life).

  6. Driving is one of the niggling annoyances of my job. Jack says I’m constantly angry when I’m on the highway, and he’s probably right. I have got to find a way to keep these ignorant, cranial-rectally inverted imbeciles from destroying my calm.

  7. From what I understand of perceptual psychology, the human brain is wired by default to create the illusion that the perceiver is at the center of the universe around them, and that what a person is perceiving is taken for granted as “the way reality actually is.” The consequence of this is that many times, one person will see another do something that seems to them as being incredibly rude, whereas to the person actually performing the action there’s actually nothing wrong with what they’re doing at all, OR they simply have not noticed that they actually ARE doing something rude because for whatever reason the existence of the other person does not actively register in their visual field.

    We live in a society that is becoming increasingly fast-paced and cluttered with distractions and all manner of things to preoccupy a person’s attention, and I think people are just becoming increasingly self-absorbed by their own thoughts and therefore increasingly more prone to simply not registering that they have just done something rude to another person because the actual EXISTENCE of that other person doesn’t fully make it through their perceptual filters, because their perception is being so inwardly focused by attention to other stimuli.

    Something else to consider is that sometimes a person WILL register the existence of the other person, and make some gesture (verbal or otherwise) of apology and/or gratitude that seems to THEM to be sufficiently transmitted yet, for whatever reason, is not actually received by the other individual. But again, because of the way the brain is wired by default, it can be all too easy to simply presume that the other person did not actually make any attempt to be courteous in the first place.

    It’s a tough call sometimes, I know. But my own rule of thumb is generally that if the other person actually makes some manner of direct contact with me to let me know that they are definitely aware of my presence BEFORE some action is committed, like actually pushing against me as they walk through a doorway or something and then pausing (which lets me know that their body has actually noticed the disruption in momentum), then I’m safe to actually judge their reaction against the common standards of courtesy. Otherwise I typically just let it go, because there seems to be no real point in wasting my energy projecting ire and umbrage or getting upset about it, since I understand the individual might just have not actually noticed me, and would probably not be any MORE likely to notice me merely because I’m feeling miffed. Again, that whole “perceived center of the universe” thing.

    It becomes even worse in a situation involving driving, because a human’s attention is already going to be at least halfway diverted by the simple act of driving itself. I truly don’t believe the average human nervous system is equipped to effectively handle the stress of urban driving, because from the moment you get into a busy stretch of traffic your nervous system becomes flooded with adrenaline from the presence of so much movement in the field of vision. And well, a keyed-up, adrenaline-flooded nervous system is a whooooole lot more likely to respond with negative tension to actions in the surrounding environment, and/or act recklessly. Doubly so when the nervous system is being stressed out by high temperatures as well.

    Then again…some people are just bona fide ass-goblins and selfish negativity-mongers, and THOSE sorts of people…well, Goddess knows why they are the way they are. But you kind of have to pick your battles where they’re concerned, because much of the time they actually thrive on provoking confrontation, and even just quietly projecting “WTF?” energy at them can feed that beast and make it stronger.

    Best way to deal with such people, in my opinion, is just to do whatever one can to teach the importance of courtesy and situational awareness to those whom we are in a position to educate. And try to be at least a little compassionate towards the fuckwads we come across, because obviously such people are cut off from inner harmony and probably have very unhappy minds. :-/

    *shakes pom-poms*

  8. 90% of the time, you can count on the better behavior in Vermont. The other 10%, it’s either a noxious young guy/gal who doesn’t think politeness matters…or a flatlander. 😛

    That said, I always leave a generous area ahead of me on the interstate, because fucktards are everywhere.

    My theory (about guys, I admit. I have been cut off by plenty of women, but haven’t had a clever moment about them yet) is that the Penis police are after them. If they let a GIRL ahead of them, they’re afraid it’ll get taken away.

  9. I wish people were introduced more explicitly to this “social contract” thing we all have to buy in if we’re going to, you know, not live on mountaintops and never see anyone except the old guy who brings around stuff on his donkey once a month.

    And even then, you’re supposed to thank the old guy when bartering your hand-carved spinning needles or whatever with him.

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