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And no, not

I am in the market for a bread machine, and am therefore haunting Craigslist.
I see three that are in my price range ($0 – $30). I have no idea which is the best bang for my buck.

Magic Chef
West Bend
Welbilt Bread Machine

I know there are bread machine aficionados on my friends list. What brand do YOU use?

11 thoughts on “bjork bjork bjork

  1. Mine’s a breville. It makes bread. I have no experience with any other, but I would assume any one of them would do the job well enough.

  2. Any really good bread machine needs to have two paddles or one that’s long enough to properly knead the bread. So far the most reliable one that any of my friends have owned is a Zojirushi. Of course, it’s also one of the most expensive. But yeah, try to avoid your average bread machine that has a short little paddle unless you’re only going to be making plain white bread.

  3. I have a small one that showed up randomly on my doorstep (I think from ) that I have not been using.

    It’s yours if you want it. My folks gave me theirs around the same time, and it sees a lot of breadmaking action. 🙂

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