10 thoughts on “*wonders*

  1. There is. Unfortunately it can only do one photon at a time. Not exactly useful.


    (yey multiple edits! yey five consecutive outages at work! yey brainsplodey!)

  2. Because the concept is pretty much a technological fantasy that will never be realised (and given that most concepts of it essentially add up to, person walks into box A, person is killed by disintigration, copy of person is created from recorded pattern in box B, that’s something to be glad of IMO).

    1. Never say never. The history of scientific progress is chock-full of “discoveries” made in spite of the common consensus saying that the concept would be “impossible” or that it was just “a fantasy.”

      What about travel through an artificially created and stabilised wormhole? It might not be teleportation in its purest sense, but it would still be a form of moderately instantaneous travel that wouldn’t necessarily require anything to be actively disintegrated, or at least I don’t think.

      They’ve already done lab experiments demonstrating that molecules taken from the same object are capable of instantaneously interacting with each other even when separated by thousands of miles. Something in that process seems to suggest that the laws of relativity might not be as concretely unbreakable as previously believed. And if researchers can figure out exactly HOW molecules manage to perform this seemingly impossible feat, I think they’ll be a whole lot closer to figuring out how to instantaneously move entire bodies across physical distances without requiring a “disintegrate-and-copy” mechanism.

      1. The EPR paradox experiments only involve ‘interaction’ in the loosest sense of the term–there are correlations in the wave functions, yes. But those correlations don’t carry any information. They’re roughly the same thing as me pointing my laser pointer at the moon, and watching the dot travel at faster than the speed of light. Yes, something’s travelling faster than the speed of light, but no, no one on the moon can use that technique to communicate with someone else on the moon.

  3. Wait, there isn’t? I always assumed that this one guy I work with was a result of a man and a turd being genetically scrambled together by a malfunctioning teleporter.

  4. To Hell with teleportation, I want to know why they haven’t yet figured out how to make a truly workable artificial pancreas. I find it hard to grasp that they can make human ears grow on the backs of mice, and make mice that glow in the dark, and all this other crap having to do with OTHER mammals, but they apparently can’t figure out how to make functional human islet cells tailored to an individual (so as to avoid rejection from a person’s immune system)?

    I find it ironic that they allow themselves to be thwarted by the “moral issues” of cloning human organs, but such moral issues conveniently disappear when dealing with any other mammal. Besides, can’t they actually grow human skin from practically nothing as it is? What makes THAT any less “immoral” than using someone’s own DNA to create cloned organs?

    Hmmm…now that I think about it, maybe we should ask why Science hasn’t managed to find an effective way to create an anti-Fundamentalist spray or something like that. Because they certainly have enough drive and incentive to do so, given how often that crew seems to get in the way of progress.

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