Curl Up and Dye

To dye or not to dye.
It is a complete pain in the ass to keep up with dying my hair. OTOH, man I’m like -thoroughly- gray now.

I went electric blue, last year about this time:

Which was fun but, also locked me into a non-trad color.

What do ya’ll think? Another application of “starlight” (the blue-black that I love so much)?
Leave it alone?
A different color?

17 thoughts on “Curl Up and Dye

  1. I like the blue! Maybe more of an electric blue? Purple? Fuscia? (Not green – looks great for a day but fades to tacky way too soon).

    1. I was purple the year before last, 🙂
      Mister Man loved it but I was pretty eh about it.

      I did have coppery-brown hair with big chunks of pink in it, at one time. I’ll have to contact m’Sheila to see if she has any pics of it. It was supercute — but terribly short.

      Of course, if I use the blue-black, all the gray goes this intense shade of dark blue; which makes it look like I have racing stripes. Which is also awesome fun.

  2. I thought the electric blue was way sexy, myself, so I concur with .

    And speaking as someone who went about with green hair for a while, he’s totally right–I loved it, but I inevitably wound up looking like a circus clown within a few days after initial application.

    I’ll freely admit I was shocked to see how grey your natural hair-colour now is, but it gives you an intriguingly “wise woman” appearance–Wise woman in the old sense of the word, that is. 🙂

    Regardless of the colour, you’re still Bonniliciuous, always and forever!

    1. Thanks doll. 🙂

      Yeah, I have been going gray since I was 19 years old. Both sides of the family are like that. I was fairly well doomed from the get go.

      I have been experimenting with dyes and hair color for MANY years.

      1. Same here, although for me it was for no other purpose than creative vanity. I miss my long hair. I cut it all off in the WaybackWhen after it wound up totally fried from a bad bleach-job (granted, I was also out of my mind at the time, so that may have had something to do with it as well), and then my family’s male pattern-baldness gene FINALLY decided to kick in after all, so it no longer grows out with anything like its former panache. :-/

        But yours…Hell babe, I have pics of you from when your hair was still short, and I gotta say–long hair SO agrees with you, no matter what the colour. 🙂

  3. You know I’m always in favour of wild hair colours!

    That said, I’ve seen you in black and I’ve seen you in partial-grey, and both look fantastic on you…

    Bah! I am unhelpfully ambivalent, I fear. Alas!

  4. I’m weird. I like natural hair even if it’s gray up to HERE, but I’m also a fan of the dyed look that has colors from, or far from, nature.

    If you’re gonna play with it, and life lets you do what you want (aka no uptight work situations) do that blue/black color again. If you get stuck in an uptight cubicle farm, go for something a bit more tame.

  5. I’ve actually been waiting for the gray streaks to come into Ashley’s lovely dark hair for a couple years now. I think it’s beautiful. Leave it as is! Is my vote. Just sayin’.

  6. I’m pretty sure Starlight was what I used a few years ago when I wanted to try being something other than muddy brown, and everyone looooooved it. I bet it looks awesome with blue streaks, too!

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