physiology class may well be trying to kill me.

I will keep you apprised. In the meantime, here is a sampling from the “Chapter Five Objectives”.

** Define the law of mass balance. What equation is used to summarize it? How is it used to maintain homeostasis?

** Describe what we mean when we say that the extracellular and intracellular fluid compartments usually exist in a state of dynamic disequilibrium.

** Distinguish between uniport carriers, symport carriers, and antiport carriers.

** Describe or diagram the structure and mechanism of the Na+-K+-ATPase as an example of primary active transport.

** How does osmolarity differ from molarity? What is the equation used to determine osmolarity? **

Actually, I AM enjoying the class. The teacher is positively *gleeful* about her subject (“…I used to be cool. But then I became the Nephron Nerd.”) She provides a metric ton of material and lectures very well. Which is good because the subject is intense.

I am just glad that I elected to NOT take the 8-week version of the course, like I did with my English Comp II class. 4 stories analyzed and discussed every week; 1 paper per week. Cannot turn in other paper(s) until the previous one is “Accepted”. Oy vey.

So, those two classes plus Spanish will keep me très occupied this semester. At least English falls off the radar after the end of October.

I’ve already answered these, 🙂

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