Oh. Oh, ACK.

Being sick for a week with some sort of lung ooze is awful enough. But you wanna know the *worst* part of it? Recovery. Because recovering from lung ooze means that once your bout with the infection is over and the cilia starting doing their thing again, they are working like bad bastards to rid you all that mucous.

Walking down the stairs and coughing up a slimy chunk and having to wait til you get downstairs to get rid of it ’cause you don’t have a tissue handy is made of Tim Burton-level jibblies.

3 thoughts on “Oh. Oh, ACK.

  1. I am surprised at the “adult content” permission screen on this entry, given that children both produce more phlegm than any other class of human being, and take more delight in it, as a concept, than any other class of human being.

      1. If someone’s not logged in, you get this ‘adult content notice’ on almost anyone’s public lj entries, I thnk that might be what (s)he’s talking about.

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