still tinkering with this thing

Man, yesterday sucked gangrenous donkey sack. Pretty sure that I spectacularly failed my physiology exam. The one I studied so strenuously for. I guess I am going to have to redo my way of study because what I am doing is obviously not working.

The worst part was looking at the questions and ALMOST knowing what the answer should be.



On the plus side: my iPod Touchmyself should be here ANY DAY NOW. Once it arrives, I will be able to get rid of my craptastic phone and just get a plain vanilla, text n talk phone. *does squeetastic dance of joy*

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6 thoughts on “still tinkering with this thing

  1. That’s exactly what I did! Just got my Ipod touch, and love just having a texting/calling phone… fun toy, without having crazy smart phone and expensive data plan…

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