Life and Such

A conversation I was had before class yesterday made me realize a couple of things.

One, a LOT of people that I know are on some sort of diet/reducing program; whether it is for reasons of health, vanity or some amalgamation of the two. I know for me, it is a combo of not wanting to be dead before 65 (Dad died just before his birthday).
And a desire to look über-hot when out dancing in my layers of black, buckles and boots. *whipcrack* DOWN, BEETCHES!

Two, in spite of what I thought at the start of the semester, I HAVE bitten off quite a large chunk. I am taking Physiology lecture/lab, Spanish lecture/lab, and English Comp II (online 8 week course). Plus: spouse, house maintenance, kiddo, trying to green our house cleaning products (uphill battle with the nurse who wants KILL IT ALL technology in his cleaning products), healthier eating patterns for the family, study groups (one for Phys and one for Spanish), working a day a week, running (C25K, hut!), and quitting smoking. I don’t know if this all more than I can chew at this point. Only time will tell. However, if you see me wandering about, with a dazed look in my eyes? Have a bit of pity. I probably just need some coffee.

On a separate but oddly related note: Can I haz this–> ? OH, pretty please? I need a new place for my music to reside.

For now, I am off to take my first examen de español.

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8 thoughts on “Life and Such

    1. Am busily digitizing all my music

      Currently at 100 gigs and still not done inputting.

      If I had a place to stash all the pictures, art, music and leave the OS drive for programs? That would be a hotness.

  1. Straight vinegar kills 99% of germs and isn’t nearly as nasty as bleach. My household cleaner is half water, half vinegar, and 2 tbsp. of Mrs. Meyer’s in a 32 oz. spray bottle. I probably clean 90% of the house with that combo.

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