Two Versions of W2D2

The short version: Advil and ice are your friends, mmkay?

At 1/2way through interval 7, my right shin decided that what it really, really, REALLY needed to do was cramp from the patella to the big toe. Everything *visibly* moved to the right and bunched up. This caused me to trip, hit the ground and roll like my butt was on fire. It wasn’t my butt, though. It was my knees, both of which I had skinned. OWOWOW.

I sat there and massaged the cramp out*. Then, I got up and limping-ly finished my last interval and cool down.
*poses dramata-super-heroically*
*quickly stops because the other leg is starting to twitch*

Why? Because life like this happens. Life will always happen. Dealing with it in our best manner (whatever that manner may take) is what makes us awesome. And folks, we are ALL awesomely cool. Besides, other than a little missing skin, I was intact.**

* – why, yes. I am used to this behavior from those traitorous muscles. I live in a vitamin deficiency due to bariatric surgery a few years ago.
** – Had there been actual, serious injury I would have called Mister Man (teh ER nurse type) for pickup and snugglings.

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5 thoughts on “Two Versions of W2D2

  1. Yikes!! I’m glad everything worked out–I get traumatized enough when my calf cramps in the middle of the night, so the thought of muscle cramps while I’m busy USING them is very alarming.

    1. The human is a very adaptable animal. I am so used to cramping up at odd/irregular/damn annoying times that I don’t really think about it. Until it trips my lame self.
      Thank god no one saw me.

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