A Scene of Domestic Tween Bliss, in Two Parts

LAST EVENING dinner table conversation

MOM: This is your final warning. Either you leave your lunchbox in the kitchen after getting home from school or I won’t pack a lunch for you. Dealing with (ranch) dipdip left over from the previous day is nasty.

TWEEN: I will, I will. Sheesh.

MOM: I hope you don’t think I am kidding.

TWEEN: *eye rollin’s*


MOM: *inspects kitchen for lunchbox, finds none and returns upstairs with coffee*

TWEEN: *goes downstairs and finds no packed lunch waiting for her* MooooOOOOOoooom? Where’s my luuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUuuuunch?

MOM: *breaks the 4th wall* Isn’t there where I get to make outrageous demands in return for a PB&J?

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3 thoughts on “A Scene of Domestic Tween Bliss, in Two Parts

  1. After futile repeated efforts to get mine to empty the trash at school so I don’t have to, I now make him clean it out before I’ll make the lunch. As well as informed him it was rude and inconsiderate to make other people clean up after him. It’s working well so far…

  2. If it was me dealing with Bug in the mornings, I’d give him the choice.

    Either eat school lunches or make your own the night before. If you don’t like what’s in the kitchen, go to the grocery or give us a list.

    He’s 9 and is perfectly capable of making a sandwich and putting the stuff up when he’s done. If he doesn’t want that responsibility, he can eat a school lunch.

    Did the same thing at dinner the other night. Loads of complaints about what Anaitis had cooked. I looked at him and said, “You don’t like it, you know where the bread and fruit is.” So he got up and made himself a sandwich. Of course, no treats unless he also eats his veggies.

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