weekend at Mom’s

I did a whirlwind tour of DFW this weekend. Well, it is probably more accurate to say that The Girl and I went to Dallas this weekend to visit Mom. She then proceded to take us to all her favorite places. 🙂 Much shopping was had.

Net loot for the Girl

nifty new water bottle (now with skulls!)
several new pairs of pants, including “distressed gray rock star capris”
several new shirts, many with gothtacular designs
pink and green stripey (ohmygod Maybeline colors!) fingerless gloves
pretend Tupperware-ish bento box until we find the Bento of our Dreams
many pairs of no show socks*

Net loot for Moi

got Mom’s juicer as she doesn’t actually use it (honestly, it still has the How to Use stickers on the front, so I am guessing she may have used it once?)
1.5 TB external hard drive (*fans self*)
2 new bras; one is a smokey amethyst that does awesome things for my cleavage. The other is a new running bra that gives me serious unibewb BUT there is No. Movement.At.All. Which is good cause curvy + running = ow ow ow

We had to leave before the picnic on Sunday because the homework I mailed home to myself would not download on Mom’s POS system. Also, Fall arrived with a loud thump as it often does in Texas. Mom and I watched the wind (straight off the Arctic tundra, it seemed) pick up those giant flags that car dealerships always seem to have and make them do The Bamba.
Is it just me or is the Sudden Arrival of Fall** a couple of weeks early this year? At any rate, it was 61 degrees on Sunday. Which is dandy for some things but not for picnics. At least not for my poorly heat regulated self.

Next time I am in DFW, I think I want to spend a more substantial bit of time there. Am still looking for Austinite friends to head up with me for a weekend on the town sort of thing.

* – apparently having socks that show is completely déclassé. Who knew?
** – seriously, this is how autumn arrives in Texas. Its fine, its 80, its fine, its 90, its fine then suddenly WHUMP! its 60! If the weather can catch you out of doors in your shorts, even better!

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6 thoughts on “weekend at Mom’s

  1. Totally early. When I was a kid, about every other year it wouldn’t show up until Halloween. I remember clearly many Halloweens starting out fine and ending up shivering in my flimsy costume fabric.

  2. It is a few weeks early, and I hope *knock on wood* that means it doesn’t end early. Historically it has only been a few weeks long.

    Lovely weather.

  3. [weathergeek hat]
    Actually, it’s right on time. Weather’s been so hot and weird for about a decade that we’ve all forgotten when things are *supposed* to happen.
    [/weathergeek hat]

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