working out shopping details

Mare: valencia oranges are .49 a pound
Dodger: Not bad, valencias are pretty common oranges, usually the ones that come in bags
Mare: I will be VEDDY selective. And look for blood oranges. If they aren’t priced like they’ve been dipped in angel tears and gold, I will get you some.
Dodger: Awwww thank ya baby

This will be my first time to go to a Sprout’s. Am probably *way* more excited about produce deals than is strictly healthy. BUT:

Bartlett Pears —>> 0.99/lb
Broccoli Crowns —>> 0.99/lb
Spinach Bunches —>> 0.99/lb
Butternut Squash —>> 0.77/lb
Cantaloupes —>> 0.99/lb
Eggplant —>> 0.88/lb
Sweet Potatoes —>> 0.88/lb
Vine Ripened Tomatoes —>> 0.49/lb
and of course, Valencia Oranges —>> 0.49/lb

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9 thoughts on “working out shopping details

      1. I think I heard pathetic, lonely whimpering from the apple left in the crisper, which is the only remaining produce in the house aside from one surly green onion. It’s dire in there. 🙂

  1. Sprouts is awesome. I do most of my produce and bulk shopping there.

    Got carving pumpkins yesterday for $2.50 each. WAY better than most other places.

    Also, almost all their apples are on sale for .49/lb right now.

    And raw almonds are $2.99/lb (which is a GREAT price for almonds)

    Going on Wednesdays is best as far as Sprouts goes. That’s the day of the week that both their previous week’s ad and current ad are valid, they overlap just that one day each week.

  2. And all apples, of many different kinds, are $.49/lb!

    Sprouts has become my go-to store 99% of the time. I have only even been in CostCo like twice since I started shopping at Sprouts. Their skinless boneless chicken breasts regularly go on sale for $1.99/lb, and so does their extra lean ground beef. By buying a lot of whatever they have on sale, I’ve gotten a hell of good deal consistently.

    1. This was a total produce run as I want Mister Man to see their meats. He is the Grilling God, therefore he gets to check it out before we buy it.
      Then we can eat our meat.
      And afterwards, have pudding.

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