For Tonight

To-do, To-dum, Ta-ra-ra-boom-dee-ay

–> two bags of chips
–> cheese for queso
–> candy skulls & empanadas
–> wood for fire (14″ or less)
–> vino, vino!
–> Ice for chest

Vacuum downstairs
Make cookies
Do a little dance
Make a little queso
Get down tonight
Set out blankies

PS…headcount for food/beverage, pretty please? Also, please let me know if you are bringing a little something along as well. gamer_geek_grrl at yahoo dot com

* Everything I plan on making/getting is veggie friendly.

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4 thoughts on “For Tonight

  1. Dr. Darling Physicist, Ph.D. and I will be coming. We are Missy’s and Guen’s ride, so I unless something comes up for either of them, they’ll be there. We’re low on the $$, but if we can, we’ll bring something of the vino variety.

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