Baubles and beads

The shop is going to be is now a vendor for Carnival tickets. To say that the BFF is excited is an understatement of massive proportions.
In preparation for this event, we now have an obscene amount of glitter, beads, vinyl, teeny-tiny panties, boas, and dear gods, the GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE! I’ll try and take some pictures of the “costumes” for your perusal later. That word is in quotes because to be a costume USUALLY requires more actual fabric than these have. Not that I am complaining. Any of my friends want to come in and model for me, swing on by. I’ll clap and wiggle happily for you.

This is going to be a shortish post because I’ve been left a small ton of Things What Need Doing. But…y’all do me a favor, OK? Send me occasional texts/emails/etc to make sure that I haven’t been buried under a glitter boa tsunami.

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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I am in a surprisingly good mood, given the back pain & snot-cement in my head. Oh, and the overwhelming sense of dooooom that I feel pending my almost-in-laws arrival next week. We’ve been in the house since, what? May? Yeah. Still don’t have the damn artwork on the walls. Plus, I realized that my holiday decorations consist of a bunch of teeny little blue balls.

“Other than that, I’m PERfect!” /weirdscience

Heh. Mister Man and I are planning on acquiring a phallic symbol (tree!) and hanging those balls on it this evening. Perhaps we will acquire more balls.

Yesterday was given over to the Baking Gods. I made four (double batches) of different kinds of Chex Mix. (I’m not sure that sentence is structured properly but am having some difficulty caring, right this moment. I will likely care later.) That’s Original, Muddy Buddies, Chili Garlic, and Chocolate Toffee (my own recipe). Later this evening, I am planning on the cookie end of the baking spectrum while we decorate the tree. Probably classics -> chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar-spice.

I also need to plan a menu/buy the groceries for the AILs visit. I am thinking of taking them out to eat for dinner the day they arrive.
They have a tradition of fondue & drinks on the Eve…so maybe queso, crudites tray, spinach dip and suchlike? I definitely want to serve champagne cocktails. (Mostly because I found that neat-O site! Champagne cocktails by *color*, can you dig it?) Probably Texas style smoked brisket, steamed asparagus, and smashed new potatoes for $holiday! dinner things. *ponders some more* Waffles or omelets for breakfast on that morning? Oh, wait. I have an idea. I’ll make cranberry-orange muffins this weekend & freeze them. Then I can pop them in the oven and make bacon.
Can y’all think of anything else? I don’t want to spend their entire visit in the kitchen, so anything make ahead is muy bueno.

Currently, I am at the shop today, earning my $winterholiday! dollars. Swing on by and say Howdy! if you are in the area. Or, you know, drive out of your way and say hello. I’m good with either.

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