Quick update

Today was the last day of class for the fall semester. We did our group presentation during class. Our group had chosen to do a telenovela-type skit. VERY over the top and silly. *I* got to play the “Evil Woman”. Much fun was had. Much turquoise eye shadow was worn. We even had commercials. (Fanta & Tootsie Pop) We also got our final exam grades today. I made an 86. So overall I am pulling a B in the class, which I am QUITE happy with.
In other school news: I’ve already registered for next semester’s classes — all seventeen hours of them! That’s Spanish II, Local & State Government, Intro to Literature, U.S. History and Creative Writing-Prose for those playing along in the home audience. Fortunately, all but Spanish II are online courses.

For the next few weeks, however, I am on vacation. I will get up, get the Girl to school and go.back.to.bed. I will $winterholiday decorate. Bake. Prune the gardens. Visit with the almost-in-laws when they arrive. Read trashy novels. Take bubble baths. Take naps. Go dancing. Go to DFW for a visit. Have my annual NYD party.


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7 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I’m doing the crazy distance learning thing as well next semester. Three distance classes (SPAN I, Speech, Community Health), Microbiology at RRC, and a KINE activity course at NRG.

    Only potential glitch in the plan is being crazy crunched for time to get to-from Peanut-care. I’m hoping to take her to the Y during my Micro class, as they will watch kiddos for $3/hour, but only up to 3 hours/day. My class starts at 9:10 and ends at 11:50, leaving me 10 minutes on either side of the equation for transportation. Eeep!!

    One more exam to go today, and I am DONE too — YAY!

    1. Wow, 16 hours (it looks like) for you! Holy moly, are we crazy or what?

      EEP indeed! What is the commute mile-wise? Doable?

      Which one is the exam for? (good luck, btw!)

      1. Yes!! Crazy!!! We don’t have time to fart around and take it slow like all those 19-year-old whippersnappers do. ;D

        The commute isn’t bad, a straight shot up 35 right after I drop the Beanlet off at school. If/when she gets in to ADS it will be up 130 instead, which will be more of a hassle, but still doable.

        The Round Rock Y is just one exit south of the exit for RRC, so they are very close, and I think as long as I park close to the building where my class is, I should be able to make the whole childcare thing work out.

        How is your commute? You’re mostly at the S. Austin ACC campus, right? I think the distances are comparable, if in opposite directions. 😉

        That last exam was my last one in Human Growth and Development. 55 multiple choice questions, not comprehensive (just the last section of the book). No worries there. The one before that was Philosophy, which proved to be the bane of my existence this semester. *sigh*

        Looking forward to the Spring semester (after a niiiiice break, of course), as I don’t anticipate any of the classes kicking my ass too hard. Micro will be challenging, but fun, and the rest are a review for me in some form or fashion. Your courseload for Spring looks like it should be pretty manageable too. 😀

      2. My commute was ~meh~, some days. I had to learn to give myself extra parking time as Riverside is stupid-busy. You going to do a dry run to get the gist of the scene, ma’am?

        I have to take Philosophy soon, too. (see ~meh~ above). Everything that I have heard about it is that it a Bane.

        Speaking of Spring: yeah, I think that it is doable. I want to add another 8 week course as the TX Gov course is only 8 weeks. But ACC requires that I have a petition to get anything above 18 hours. *moue*

      3. I’m in the same boat as far as the hour limit goes. I would love to shove another 8-week 3-hour course in there (my Community Health class is one of those), but I don’t see that happening. 😦

        I did the RRC commute all this semester, but yeah, I’m going to do a dry run to test the YMCA -> RRC and back speed circuit. *laugh*

        RRC has the advantage of having a LOT of “Green Parking” parking spots, which are super-close. So, unless they end up with a lot more folks getting stickered for those spots next semester, I’ll be good on always having a great parking spot.

    1. It is super nice to not have to be anywhere or do anything that I don’t wanna.

      One of these days, I will actually GO somewhere outside of the town …state… country. *nods*
      Yes. Yes, I will.

      Mmmm…Tuscany. Or the Mediterranean! Or London! Mother Russia….*dreams*

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