So long 2010, see you never again.

Actually, it has not been that bad a year. Not nearly so awful as 2009. I have been seeing a lot of recap posts; folks going back over their past 2010. I think I’m going to just take the lessons that were served and move forward.

Things That Have Been Shown To Be True

I won’t say “Things That I Have Learned” because – and let’s face it – I don’t always get the lesson on the first attempt.

1. Smoking sucks. I am a terrifically good smoker. I am an awful smoker-quitter.
——> Nicotine patches and gum make me violently ill. I am thinking that it is a psychological habit more than anything else. I will be getting on the ‘butrin, as soon as the dispersement happens. I don’t want to be a smoker, good or otherwise.

2. Writing. If you want to write well, you must WRITE. Yeah, sitting down and staring at the screen sucks. Don’t let the shiny intertubes distract you from doing it *anyway*. Even if its nothing more than random journal entries. Write. Getting out of the habit is a bad, bad, bad, BAD idea.
Bad Bon. No word Biscuits!

3. Gaming. Tied to #2, really. One of the best things I do is write/create/run games. I have had enough people over the years tell me that my games are memorable, entertaining, frustrating, and emotional. So. To that end, in February I will be starting a once a month Talislanta game. I think that will give me enough lead time to get things set up in between games so I don’t feel overwhelmed with regular & game writing.

4. Lots more classes/hours. Because, I am also tired of being in school. Like unto death, tired. I have plans to go on to my Master’s, yes. But they are going to be part time plans after I graduate with this degree in a year. I will be taking a metric ton of hours to get this done – 17 hours this semester, for example. Part of my brain is standing off in a corner, looking horrified. That bit speaks with a soft British accent and is saying over and over again, “Oh, my. Are you sure, dear?”, all the while wringing her hands.

5. Forgiveness is a virtue. I’ve been virtuous. This year will also be about the stricter boundaries and the letting go of things and the sayings of “no” and the refusing to feel guilty about that.

6. Fitness. I have lined up several outlets* for excerise that will be fun & engaging. Fun and engaging are important because otherwise, excerise does not happen. Committing to 30 to 60 mins a day isn’t not a struggle. Not making excuses and finding something else to do….aye, there’s the rub.

7. Confidence back. I will also be attempting (see title, above) to not be so negative, about myself or anything else. I have gotten into this godawful habit of denigrating myself. Additionally, when someone says something to me I will attempt to NOT automatically take it in its worst possible connotation.
If someone compliments me, I deflect. If something good happens that I am a part of, I demur. I am not a knuckle-dragging, three toed, mouth breathing troglodyte with poor social skills and a Ry’leh bad stench.

Alrighty, 2011. Let’s rock.

* – does sex count? 😉

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13 thoughts on “So long 2010, see you never again.

  1. Sex totally counts. And it is very important to find physical activity that you just WANT to do, regardless of whether you feel you HAVE to. Drumming in Rock Band on Hard or Expert does this for me. I also just got a Kinect game by the makers of Rock Band called Dance Central; perhaps you’d enjoy waving your arms around like an idiot to Lady Gaga with me.

    You’re awesome and I love you.

  2. Of course sex counts! I suggest you spend more time on top or doing most of the work as the year goes on and your fitness improves. I’m sure you know lots of people willing to be your exercise buddies for sex or whatever else you want to do! You can put me down for sex, walking, yoga, or something else we discuss. 😉

    As for the smoking thing, I dunno what your brand is, but I recently heard that going from something else to the tobacco-only American Spirits to nothing was easier than going straight to nothing. Plus, with less smoking the exercise should eventually get easier.

    I’d like to play in your Talislanta game! When are you going to be running it? Maybe I could run something in the in-between weeks… *ponder*

    The negativity is a tough one, I’ve been fighting that one myself. I read about an interesting experiment somebody did where they went to a bar or somesuch with somebody to watch their back. Afterward they compared notes on who seemed interested or attracted to them. The experimenter thought only a few people were interested, while the observer saw lots more! The experimenter even found that they were looking away when their subconscious thought the other person might be interested in them. Sneaky!

      1. That has an interesting answer. As far as I know, that experiment was only conducted once by that individual, so no control group, etc. However, the experiment did make it into a published book, which is where I read about it, and he is a recognized expert in the field. On the other hand, I don’t know if it ever made it into a peer-reviewed journal.

        So, it was not a true study as you would call it. Also, it was just testing his subconscious, so YMMV.

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