Am so Very.Tired of being sick. Between the super-allergies, the kid-spawned germs, the almost-hubs who works in a disease factory and stress making my immune system shrivel like a salted slug – so far, 2011 has been a running snot fest.

I wish my Mom was here. One of the things Mom did very well was take care of the sickies in the family. Soup in bed, or on the couch. Hair brushing, back scritches. Stupid, old movies queued up. Hot tea. Sprite. And left you alone when you needed to be. And now I am an adult and have to do my own pampering.
**dislike with a side of WHINE**

Meh. I am going back to knock back a double shot of Nyquil and go back to bed for a couple of hours. Hopefully, when I awaken I will feel a lot better. I have much and much to do. For example…classes start today. I need to log in and check to see what is already due. I will also be going out to Office Depot to exchange my printer ink. For LO! I am apparently unable to recall that my printer is not a 4800, its an 8400.
Also, have to go to a Sprint store because their online activation sucks ASS. I have the new Thumper but I can do nothing with it because I cannot get it registered.
Ass, I say. Through a straw.

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