Writer’s Block: Taking the good with the bad


I am friendly.
I like people (except when I don’t.)
I have pretty great hygiene.
My spelling-fu is STRONG.
I get my biggest kick when people laugh at something I say or do.
You really can call me at 3 in the morning.


I sometimes don’t like people.
I can be nit-picky about word choice & pronunciation.
Procrastination, thy name is “Bon”.
Tend to overwhelm myself with projects and schoolwork. Then, bitch about it.
Can be judgmental – of others and myself.

I dunno. They can disagree here if they so choose.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Taking the good with the bad

  1. Your entry compelled me to comment as I’ve had a swathe of 3am text messages lately. I think my friends across the pond forget the eight hour time difference but I still don’t mind reading about their rabbit refuge texts while the birds are still sleeping outside. This trait also coincides with never suffering the Morning Grumps, although my ex would swear blind that’s a big fat lie.

    At least you don’t nit-pick about ampersand usage. That would be terminal.

    Your Tag Cloud is bedazzling, I rather think I’ll steal some of those. Who needs to read a journal in date order when you can just pick a random hilarious selection of words?

    1. I’ve been keeping a journal here since…*checks*…2002, all the while randomly tagging entries with whatever pops into my head.

      I’m not convinced that the Tag Cloud has not achieved sentience. 🙂

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